Kiwanis Club of Kenner North
Legion of Honor


Manguno, Curtis & Hewgley
Presented 25-Year Certificates

Hewgley, Curtis and Manguno

Larry Manguno has joined John T. Curtis and Claude W. "Wimp" Hewgley as Kenner North Kiwanis' only winners of the Kiwanis International Legion of Honor, which recognizes 25 years of service to Kiwanis.

Manguno was presented the Legion of Honor certificate and pin in ceremonies at the club's Jan. 17, 2002 meeting. He joined Kiwanis in January 1977, about six months after KNK was chartered.

Curtis cited Manguno's years of "quiet, unassuming" service to the club, including Larry's efforts in starting the Key Club at Curtis High School; his two years as club newsletter editor; his service with Meals on Wheels, the Chateau Living Center and Magnolia School; and his community committment "to make this a better place to live."

Manguno thanked the club for the fellowship and said "I have received much more than I've given."

KNK President-Elect Tim Wolfe made the club's first Legion of Honor presentations to Curtis and Hewgley on Nov. 15, 2001.

"In both of these cases, we are honoring more than longevity-we are saying thanks for 25 years of leadership and dedicated service to our club," Wolfe said.

"Gentlemen, it is a tremendous pleasure to present both of you with Kiwanis International's Legion of Honor pins and these certificates signed by the president of Kiwanis International. "On behalf of the club, I want to sincerely thank you both for all the good you have done for Kiwanis and for Kenner North."

In tracing each honoree's career, Wolfe said:

Curtis "has been an outstanding representative and ambassador for our club. We have been honored to have with us the most successful high school coach in America. His teams at John Curtis Christian School have won more district and state championships than any other team in the nation.

"He played at East Jefferson High School, at the University of Arkansas and at Louisiana College and began coaching in 1969. In the 1980s, his Curtis football teams won a record 46 straight games. He has been named to the Louisiana College Hall of Fame and is a sure bet for the Lousiana Sports Hall of Fame after he retires. He has been named national and state coach of the year numerous times.

"But J. T. has been more than a football and baseball coach. He is the dean of student affairs at Curtis. He is recognized as one of the finest speakers in Kiwanis. He is frequently invited to address audiences at prayer meetings, sports events and at special Thanksgiving functions like the Dawnbusters have next Wednesday.

"He joined Kiwanis on March 19, 1976-even before Kenner North was chartered. He served as the second president of our club in 1977-78 and served as president of the club again for the 1991-92 year. He was one of our club pioneers and has continued to served as one of our most respected members."

Regarding Hewgley, Wolfe said:

"He probably has the most misleading nickname in history. Calling Claude Hewgley-that's his real name--"Wimp" is like calling Roe Mace "Tiny." C. W. is just the opposite of what we call him. He is, to put it mildly, outspoken and enthusiastic.

"Like his good friend J. T. Curtis, C.W. has distinguished himself in football. He has coached in both college and in the pros-including the Saints and the New York Jets-- and is still well respected in football circles.

"But he, too, has excelled beyond sports. Today he is a registered representative for the Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation. And I think he can truly be called "Mr. Kenner Kiwanis."

"Wimp joined Kiwanis on May 1, 1976 and was one of the founders of Kenner North. Our records list him as the first president of the club--but he will tell you that was not the way it was supposed to happen.

"Anyway he served two terms as president-for both the 1975-76 and 1976-77 years. He was then elected lieutenant governor of our district for the 1978-79 year. He remained the only member of our club elected to a district office until 1996, when Irby Bourque became lieutenant governor.

"Wimp returned as club president again in 1990 and has continued to serve the club anywhere he is asked. He has maintained a perfect Kiwanis attendance record for 25 years. He has been particularly valuable as program chairman, using his contacts to bring us prominent coaches, politicians, civic leaders and specialists in health, finance and other fields. He has served as a Kiwanis district trainer. And he has been a very strong advocate of diversity in Kiwanis membership and leadership.

"He does anything to make Kiwanians laugh-including leaving himself wide open for a lot of good jokes.

"This year he is co-chairing our membership committee. As expected, he and Walter Campbell have done a terrific job heading that committee."


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