Kiwanis Club of Kenner North



The KNK "Kiwanian of the Year Award" has been renamed the "C. W. "Wimp" Hewgley Award" in honor of the club's first president. The club's Board of Directors approved the change shortly after Mr. Hewgley's death in 2005.


2007 - Anthony Simmons -  presented the club's C. W. "Wimp" Hewgley "Kiwanian of the Year" award for his involvement as Key Club advisor and many other  community service and club projects.

2007--Joel Phillips, in recognition of her success in establishing K-Kids clubs in seven East Jefferson schools.

2006--Sean Brown--In recognition of his work as chairman of the Sponsored Youth program, including coordination of Key Clubs, Builders Clubs and K-Kid programs. .

2005--Clarence Machado--In recognition of his work as acting sergeant-at-arms during the illiness of perennial Sgt-at-Arms Al Snyder.

2004--Steve Childers, in recognition of his work as editor of the club's weekly newsletter, his service as a club director and on other club projects.

2003--Paul Rogyom, in recognition of his service as chairman of the Interclub Club, with the Chateau Living Center monthly fish fry and other KNK programs.

2002--Normandie and Paul Eversole co-winners, in recognition of their service as co-chairs of the club's Community Services Committee in the past year, including Meals on Wheels, the Second Harvesters programs, "Boo at the Zoo" and "Celebration in the Oaks."

2001--Roe Mace,  in recognition of his work with Reynolds Institute, Jefferson Community School, the club's Special Persons Picnic and other activities, including serving as Santa Claus at KNK-sponsored events. C. W. Hewgley, left, presented the award.

2000--Bill Lindsey, for his work with Key Club, Jefferson Community School and other club programs.

1999--Mick McIlwain, for his service as chairman of the Community Services Committee

1998 --Al Snyder, for his service as club sergeant-at-arms.

1997--Irby Bourque, for his work with youth programs.

1996--Keith Kelley, for his work with Key Club and other youth programs.

1995--David Carter, for his work with the annual picnic for special persons.

1994--Fred Dumas, for two years as club president 1992-1993 and 1993-1994.

1993--Roy Taylor

A. Simmons 2008

Phillips & Brown 
Childers & Rogyom

The Eversoles

Lindsey & McIlwain

Snyder & Bourque

Kelley & Carter

Dumas & Taylor